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Hi, I'm Hadley!

Welcome to a small part of my crazy world! I am currently a freshman in college majoring in Entrepreneurial studies and minoring in Graphic Design. Although I just recently kicked off my small business, I have been practicing calligraphy for about five years now. From school notes, to birthday parties and weddings, it made me feel empowered and also gave me a sense of peace. I am constantly trying to better myself so I can show up at my best to add a unique touch to whatever I am working on. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me through the process, and I couldn't have done it without them! I have found my element, and I encourage you to not only find yours, but to walk in it!

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Throughout the journey in trying to build this small business, I have learned a lot! Here are a few life Lessons that i'm thankful this small business has taught me:

1. You aren't going to go from 0 to 100 overnight. 

2. Write down your dreams, and believe in them!

3. If you don't believe in yourself first, you are already setting yourself up for failure. 

4. You are you biggest critic. 

5. You will ALWAYS have something to learn or improve on. 

6. You can be proud of yourself and still stay humble.

7. Write down your journey and look back on it to see your growth. 

8. The people who support you will show up. 

9. Don't get stuck on failures, you can't change the past so move on!

10. Not everything is going to be perfect & that's OK! -Talking to you perfectionists out there... I'm one of them!

11. Thank the people who support you BIG TIME!

12. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will lead to the biggest growth. 

13. Don't be afraid to connect with people. The worst thing they could do is say no!

14. Stop waiting and start DOING. 

15. The people you look up to were once where you are. 

16. YOU are YOUR biggest competition. Stop comparing yourself to people who are at a different point in their journey.

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